Support local restaurants, eat great food, and save money!

LA’s restaurants risk shutting down due to the coronavirus crisis. If you love dining out with your friends, your partner, or your date, you can help local restaurants – as well as the many people who may lose their jobs!

Order food for pickup or delivery as often as possible, by taking advantage of the deals and offers that Dine Percent finds across the web.

Restaurants will stay afloat and you will eat well during the lockdown, without breaking the bank. 


The idea behind Dine Percent is pretty simple. While trying to save money, I have come across many coupon sites and dining deals apps, and I keep finding more! Not to mention the daily special offers that you can only find on restaurants’ Facebook or Instagram pages. 

Some of these “offers” have little value (a $3 for $6 certificate? no thanks). Others are from restaurants that do not exactly have a stellar reputation…  Yet, by doing some research, I have found some true gems! 

I know that there really are great dining deals out there, so I have created Dine Percent to help you find them. 

Once this is all over, we will go back to dining out – and Dine Percent will be there to help you find LA’s best food at the best possible price.

In the meanwhile, check out the restaurant deals available today, order food for pickup or delivery, and save money while you are at it!


Raffaele Asquer, DinePercent creator

Why pay full price?

Enjoy LA’s best food at the best possible price

How we find great restaurant deals

  1. We scan restaurant directories and coupon sites to find restaurant deals and certificates.
  2. We source info on daily specials, happy hours, and discounts from restaurants’ social media.
  3. We rank restaurant deals and specials based on things like potential savings, restaurant ratings, and critic reviews.
  4. We publish only LA’s best restaurant deals and update them daily.
  5. You pick your deal, order food for pickup or delivery, and save money. It’s that simple!

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A little background

As the creator of Foodiamo, the guide to Italian restaurants in Los Angeles and Orange County, I got to explore LA’s dining scene at length.

Now, I want to give everybody the chance to dine out more often and enjoy the amazing food that this city has to offer!